2 July 2019

Accident truck transport

Most of our trucks are equipped with a winch so that non-moving vehicles can also be loaded. This includes agricultural machinery, but also non-moving trucks. These include restoration projects or damaged cars. In addition, it is often important that it is transported dry. Sailing and securing is for our daily work. Every vehicle has fixing hooks with which it can be fixed, but in the event of damage it may be that these hooks are no longer present or are no longer adequate. Then it comes to the professional competence and ingenuity of the driver to safely transport the damaged vehicles.

Because of our specialty, we have the right resources with us, such as sails and stopwood, straps and chains. But dismantling a spoiler, for example, is also a routine task for us. Does the car have to be cleared or transferred to the new owner? Customs formalities can also be arranged by Van den Brink.

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